Where to Stay in Phi Phi Island 2024 – 5 Top Areas + Map

A traditional wooden boat on a serene beach with turquoise water and towering cliffs.

Ready to lay all day on a beach enjoying the island sun? Then let’s start this guide on where to stay in Phi Phi Island!

To help you plan the best trip, I’ve done thorough research on this iconic destination and made a list of the 5 top places to stay in Phi Phi Island. Each area has a list of the best hotels there, which I ordered from most to least expensive. 

Rest assured, you will find your dream holiday hotel, as I’ve handpicked all the hotels and included only the ones with raving reviews. 

In short, Laem Thong (Golden Bay) is the best place to stay in Phi Phi Island as that’s where you’ll find some of the top attractions and cool hotels. But you’ve got other neighborhood options if you’re not really into the first one!

The Phi Phi Islands are one of the most popular destinations in Southern Thailand, so I’d recommend booking your hotels here in advance. 

If you are in a hurry

If you want to book now, then waste no more time, check out this quick list with the best hotels in Laem Thong, the best area in Koh Phi Phi island: 

Here’s a map to help you have a mental image of all the areas that I will be talking about in this post:

1. Laem Thong – where to stay in Koh Phi Phi for first-timers

A row of wooden boats lined up on a sandy beach under the shade of green trees.A row of wooden boats lined up on a sandy beach under the shade of green trees.

Start your island holiday in this amazing area set on the Northern coast of the island that is also known as the Golden Bay, thanks to its sandy gold-like shores.

Laem Thong is a small fisherman’s village that has a peaceful atmosphere, stunning beaches and lots of stunning resorts!

While here you can spend your days swimming in the turquoise waters and trying some fun water sports like snorkeling.

If you’re wondering which beach to hit first, I’d recommend Loh Ba Kao Bay (map), which has some cool rock formations! Nui Beach (map) is definitely a place that you’ll also want to check out! It is the perfect place for swimming and snorkeling, plus it’s so gorgeous, so you’ll get tons of amazing pics there. 

NOTE: For anyone who doesn’t know, there is a difference between Koh Phi Phi and Phi Phi islands. Koh Phi Phi (or Koh Phi Phi Don) refers to the main island, which is the largest one and the only one that’s populated. While Phi Phi refers to the entire group of the islands. 

There are plenty of restaurants for those who want to venture out of their resorts or just don’t have dining options at the hotel. Head to Oasis Bar & Restaurant (map) for some yummy Thai food and cocktails at sunset. 

Laem Thong also offers easy access by boat to some great snorkeling spots like Bamboo Island (map). 

Luxury hotel

Get ready for the best of the best: this 5-stars resort offers a 10-acre tropical retreat that has everything you could want and more! That includes a private beach area, a therapeutic spa center, a fitness center and even rooms with private outdoor showers. The hotel gives guided island-hopping and shark-spotting tours… make sure you try one!

Other accommodation options in Laem Thong


A great hotel that has all the amenities you need including 2 delicious restaurants, a spa and a fitness center


Erawan Palms Resort offers spacious rooms with air conditioning, an outdoor pool and a beachfront restaurant!


A private bungalow with a great location that has right on the beach that has a private bathroom

Things to do in Laem Thong

  • Take a boat trip to Bamboo Island and snorkel all day
  • Grab some drinks at Oasis Bar & Restaurant
  • Sunbathe all day long on Laem Thong Beach (map)
  • Join the locals for a round of football or volleyball on the beach
  • Catch a scenic sunset at Nui Beach on the Northeastern coast
  • Explore the beautiful Loh Ba Kao Bay

2. Ton Sai Village – great base to explore the islands

Aerial view of a coastal town with lush greenery and turquoise waters surrounded by mountains.Aerial view of a coastal town with lush greenery and turquoise waters surrounded by mountains.

Welcome to the bustling heart of the island, that’s located on a sandy stretch of land which connects the West and East parts of the islands. 

Ton Sai is where you’ll arrive by ferry after landing in an airport in Krabi or Phuket (these are the closest ones). You’ll get off on the Ao Tonsai Pier (map) on the central coast. 

The area is divided into 4 sub-neighborhoods, all catering to different interests and set within walking distance, which is great as there are no cars or roads here, you can only walk to get to places. 

Ton Sai Village is a great place not only for those traveling on a budget (there are lots of cheap hotels here) but also for those who want to explore the entire archipelago. That’s because there are lots of boats that go to other islands, and most, if not all tours and boats leave from Ton Sai Bay (map). 

A picturesque beach with towering cliffs, turquoise water, and traditional boats.A picturesque beach with towering cliffs, turquoise water, and traditional boats.

When you’re not enjoying the ocean, you can check out all the restaurants that serve local and international dishes, dive shops and other boutiques in the area where you can find some amazing souvenirs!

If you want to just chill on Ton Sai beach (map) and not be surrounded by all the boats, I’d recommend going far to the west end of it (10 minutes walking from the Bay), where you’ll get to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere on the soft white shores. 

And apart from soaking up some sun and being lazy, you can also enjoy the vibrant nightlife while here! There are a few bars where you grab some drinks after a day of exploring the beautiful beaches like Italiano Bar & Restaurant (map).

P.S. If you are taking any boat trips, make sure you visit Maya Bay (map) on Phi Phi Lee island which made an appearance in DiCaprio’s The Beach movie from 2000.

Luxury hotel

Enjoy breakfast with a view at this amazing resort that has an outdoor swimming pool and amazing location near the white sand beaches! The accommodation offers spacious rooms that get a lot of natural light from the balcony and that have private bathrooms.

Other accommodation options in Ton Sai Village


Enjoy air-conditioned rooms with much space of this residence with a central location near the beach


Panmanee Hotel is centrally located in the heart of the island, just a short walk from Loh Dalum Bay nightlife


Enjoy the infinity pool of this beautiful bungalow, located about 10 minutes walk from the Tonsai Bay

Things to do in Ton Sai Village

  • Explore the narrow streets and buy some souvenirs from all the shops
  • Eat some sushi at Wang Ta Fu (map)
  • Enjoy the stunning views from Phi Phi Leh 
  • Grab some drinks at Italiano Bar & Restaurant
  • Take a boat trip to Yung Island (also known as Mosquito Island)
  • Chill on Ton Sai beach

3. Long Beach – best area to stay in Phi Phi for families

A small boat on crystal clear water near the entrance of a rocky cave.A small boat on crystal clear water near the entrance of a rocky cave.

If you’re traveling to Phi Phi island with your family, then this section is for you!

Welcome to Long Beach, an area located on Koh Phi Phi’s Southwestern shores, that has the softest and whitest sand in the island. Plus, many many activities for all the family, like snorkeling and scuba diving in its tranquil paradisiac waters!

Compared to Ton Sai Village, this is a much more quiet location, making it perfect for those who want to relax and play with the kids. Luckily the water is calm and clear here, so it’s perfect for swimming with the little ones.

Around 200 meters from the beach, there’s also a big rock, called Shark Point (map), that you can swim to (or take a boat if you’re visiting from other areas) and see blacktip reef sharks, over a meter long (don’t worry, they are harmless). This is definitely a unique experience!

Luxury hotel

Wake-up to an absolutely amazing view of the Andaman Sea, while staying in one of these amazing bungalows that come with large windows, balconies where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning and a restaurant that serves a la carte menus!

Other accommodation options in Long Beach


Set within walking distance of the beach this resort, offers rooms with beautiful ocean views


This cool tree houses is surrounded by lush greenery and it offers a restaurants and a private beach area


Enjoy a romantic getaway in these beautiful unique villas set just next to the main beach

Things to do in Long Beach

  • Try the best Thai food at Paradise Cuisine Phi Phi (map)
  • Swim all day and relax on Long Beach (map)
  • Rent snorkeling equipment and explore the underworld
  • Explore Viking Beach (map), just few steps away from Long Beach
  • Go swimming with blacktip reef sharks at Shark Point

4. Loh Dalum – where to stay on Phi Phi Island on a budget

A tranquil beach with dense jungle and towering cliffs in the background.A tranquil beach with dense jungle and towering cliffs in the background.

Loh Dalum Bay is located a few minutes walking north of the Ton Sai Village and is completely enclosed by limestone cliffs, making it one of the most idyllic places in the Phi Phi Islands!

You’ll find some really incredible white beaches here and a really cool thing is that in certain areas, like Dalum Beach (map) if you walk very far out to the sea, the water will still reach the level under your waist. So, you can “walk-around” and enjoy breathtaking views from the water!

On top of that, the area is also great if you’re looking for a good nightlife scene, offering many cool bars, clubs and pool parties! Slinky Bar (map) is a great spot to get cocktails after a day of chilling on the beach. 

Another great plus of Loh Dalum is that it offers lots of budget hotels! Yep, if you’re traveling on a budget then definitely check the hotels below. 

By the way, don’t wait too long to book them: places sell out super fast, especially during high season (November to April)!

Luxury hotel

Are you ready to take your holiday in the Phi Phi Islands to the next level? Then check out this luxurious beach resort, with amazing views of the Andaman Sea. Here rooms come with a Thai decor and offer air-conditioning and a comfy bed. Enjoy the sun by the swimming pool and grab some drinks from the swim-up bar!

Other accommodation options in Loh Dalum


Incredible beach resort with a great location near the white sand beaches, modern rooms and a swimming pool


One of the best budget accommodations in the island, a 12-minute walk away from Tonsai Pier


Super affordable, clean and spacious room rental with a big bed. A plus? The host is super friendly!

Things to do in Loh Dalum

  • Just lay down and fully relax at Loh Dalum beach!
  • Go at the cool pool parties with a sea view at Ibiza House Phi Phi
  • Do wakeboarding, banana boat rides, and parasailing in Loh Dalum Bay
  • Try some delicious Thai street food in the food stalls close to Loh Dalum Beach
  • Party until late at the Slinky Bar
  • Explore the nearby Monkey Beach (map) in Koh Phi Phi National Park

5. Loh Bagao Bay & Pak Nam Bay – for a relaxing trip

A tranquil sandy beach with gentle waves and scattered boulders.A tranquil sandy beach with gentle waves and scattered boulders.

Looking for a secluded place on the Phi Phi Islands where you can spend your holiday?

Then Loh Bagao Bay & Pak Nam Bay may be the best places to stay in Phi Phi island for you! Located on the East coast of the island, 3 km (2 miles) away from each other, these small areas are quite tranquil and are home to some resorts that are tucked away, far from the busy touristy areas.

By staying here you’ll also be sort of close to Laem Thong (it takes around 17 min to get there on foot). 

NOTE: The Phi Phi Islands, especially this main one, Koh Phi Phi, doesn’t have lots of roads or walking paths, and to reach most places you will have to use longtail boats.

Loh Bagao Bay & Pak Nam Bay are the kind of place you go to, just to chill on the beach, sunbather, swim in the ocean, try all sorts of water sports and enjoy some pampering time at your fancy resort!

If that’s what you’re looking for then check out the resorts below: 

Luxury hotel

Live your tropical dreams holiday in this amazing resort, set on a private beach area, between coconut palm trees! Here you’ll find Thai-style bungalows and pool villas too. Guests will have access to 5 restaurants, 3 bars, a spa center and a 5-Star PADI dive center! Start your morning by one of the 2 swimming pools with an iced coffee or tea!

Other accommodation options in Loh Bagao Bay & Pak Nam Bay


Set on a private beach, this island resort offers bungalows with balconies, a restaurant, a bar and spa facilities


A simple and affordable room that offers air-conditioning, beach access, a pool and free Wi-Fi


This room is perfect for an overnight stay an it has a shared outdoor swimming pool and a Tv

Things to do in Loh Bagao Bay & Pak Nam Bay

  • Enjoy the sun on Loh Ba Kao Bay Beach (map)
  • Grab a bite at API Restaurant & Bar (map)
  • Go for a swim at Pak Nam Bay Beach (map)
  • Admire the stunning sights from Phi Phi Viewpoint (map)

FAQs about where to stay in Phi Phi Island

A panoramic viewpoint with a "VIEWPOINT" sign and flags, overlooking a scenic bay and mountains.A panoramic viewpoint with a "VIEWPOINT" sign and flags, overlooking a scenic bay and mountains.

📍What is the best area to stay in Phi Phi Island?

Laem Thong is the best area to stay on Phi Phi Island! This tranquil place has lots of great hotels and gorgeous white-sand beaches.

💸 Which is the best area to stay in Phi Phi on a budget?

The best area to stay in Phi Phi Island on a budget is Loh Dalum, which has lots of affordable hotels like Dee Dee Sea Front.

📅 How long should you spend in Phi Phi Island?

I would recommend spending 5 to 7 days in the Phi Phi Islands! That way you can explore the entire island of Koh Phi Phi, and the nearby islands too.

💑 Which hotels on Phi Phi Islands are good for honeymooners?

⚖️ Is it better to stay in Phuket or Phi Phi?

It depends on what you prefer! Phuket is much bigger than Phi Phi and has more high-end resorts, lots of busy markets and a thriving nightlife, while Phi Phi is smaller but still beautiful, only it’s not as developed as Phuket. 

💸 Is Phi Phi Island expensive?

Visiting Phi Phi Island can be expensive if you stay in a big resort and use boats a lot to explore and go around the island. But you can also visit it if you’re traveling on a budget as there are lots of affordable hotels.

💃 Is Phi Phi a party island?

Yes, Phi Phi Island is known for its party scene, but don’t worry there are also tranquil areas where you can relax.

🏖️ What is the most popular beach in Phi Phi?

Long Beach (map) and Monkey Beach (map) are some of the most popular beaches in the Phi Phi Islands. 

🗺️ Should I stay on the North coast or South Coast of Phi Phi island?

The North coast is generally more tranquil than the South Coast. Although it’s not a rule, you can find calm spots on the South coast too. 

Final thoughts on where to stay in Phi Phi Island

A stunning sunset view of a coastal town nestled between green mountains and blue waters.A stunning sunset view of a coastal town nestled between green mountains and blue waters.

Already dreaming about relaxing in an infinity pool or drinking cocktails in a fancy beach bar? I know the feeling!

Well, at least now you’re definitely more prepared to plan your trip, after reading this guide on where to stay in Phi Phi Island. 

Just remember that it’s important to book hotels for your stay in Koh Phi Phi (the main island) in advance, as this is a super popular destination!

If you’re still not sure, which accommodation to pick, here are my top 2 hotel options, both located on Koh Phi Phi Island:

There you have it! All you have to do now is pick a place! 

As always, I’m around if you’ve got any other questions, so don’t hesitate to drop me a comment below. I’d be happy to help you out!

Have an amazing trip!


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A travel guide image with the text "WHERE TO STAY in PHI PHI ISLAND, THAILAND."A travel guide image with the text "WHERE TO STAY in PHI PHI ISLAND, THAILAND."

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A travel guide image with the text "WHERE TO STAY IN Phi Phi Island 15 Cool Hotels," featuring a beach and jungle scene.A travel guide image with the text "WHERE TO STAY IN Phi Phi Island 15 Cool Hotels," featuring a beach and jungle scene.

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