Where to Stay in Dubrovnik 2024 – 6 Top Areas (Map Included)

Aerial view of Dubrovnik's old town, showcasing terracotta rooftops, medieval walls, and the Adriatic Sea

Getting ready to visit Dubrovnik? How great, this marvelous city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea is a true gem of the region! To make your trip planning easier, I’m here to help you decide where to stay in Dubrovnik!

I compared all the areas and hotels in the city, read guest reviews, checked in with fellow expert travel guides, and finally shared all my insights in this ultimate guide! 

The Dubrovnik Old Town is the best place to stay in Dubrovnik for first-timers, but I also share 5 more areas that I sorted by interest! This way, you can book a hotel that best matches your budget and travel preferences in less than 2 minutes! 

Dubrovnik is packed with tourists, so I definitely recommend you book a hotel here in advance!

If you are in a hurry

Here’s a list of all the best hotels in Dubrovnik Old Town that will help you decide quickly where to stay:

Here’s a map of all the areas in Dubrovnik, Croatia, that I’m going to talk about in this post:

1. Old Town – where to stay in Dubrovnik for the first time

Bird's-eye view of Dubrovnik's historic center, highlighting the dense layout and ancient buildingsBird's-eye view of Dubrovnik's historic center, highlighting the dense layout and ancient buildings

Welcome to the heart and soul of Dubrovnik! Located in the Southeastern part of the city, this area is famous for its medieval town walls made completely out of white stone! And not just that, if you’ve watched Game Of Thrones, I’m sure you’ll recognize tons of filming locations in the Old Town. 

All the big historical landmarks, museums, and gothic architecture make this area perfect for first-time visitors. 

Start your day by walking on the popular Stradun street (map) in the Old Town, made entirely out of white marble! This is a top attraction for every tourist, and you’re so going to love the feeling that you get here! It’s like opening the door to the past with all the Renaissance houses lining each side of the street.

You should also see the ancient Dubrovnik City Walls (map) and get lost in the magical atmosphere there (entry is paid). If you choose a hotel in the heart of the Dubrovnik Old Town then you’ll be able to get around on foot as most attractions are less than 20 minutes away from the accommodations. However, the narrow streets of the Old Town tend to get crowded and noisy during the season, so just something to be aware of.

To appreciate the Baroque architecture of Dubrovnik, visit the Jesuit Stairs (map) best known for being the filming location for the “walk of shame” scene by Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones Season 5. The stairs lead to the St. Ignatius Church, a true marvel of Baroque style in the city.

I recommend waking up early, having a coffee, and continuing your Croatian holiday with a visit to the 14th-century Rector’s Palace (map) and the 16th-century Sponza Palace (map) in the Dubrovnik Old Town. 

Again, I highly recommend booking the hotels here in advance as this is the most popular area to stay in the city and a top destination area for most tourists! 

Also, the accommodation, restaurants, and just about everything is higher priced here, so consider this when deciding on the best area to stay! And in terms of safety, you’ll find the Old Town perfectly safe to walk around, even at night, which is an awesome bonus!

Luxury hotel

Experience the royal treatment in this charming 5-star hotel located in an 18th-century baroque building. Imagine waking up to the most romantic views of the Old Town and drinking your coffee in that comfy bed! Go downstairs, have a delicious breakfast, and get ready for another day of exploring around the city walls. Absolutely perfect if you ask me!

Other accommodation options in Old Town


A fantastic 16th-century manor in the Old Town with spacious rooms and a balcony where you can have breakfast


A quaint guest house in the heart of the Old Town that has air-conditioned rooms and a shared kitchen


A great place to stay in the Old Town that offers self-catering rooms with air conditioning

Things to do in Old Town

2. Pile – where to stay near the Dubrovnik Old Town

Historic Pile Gate entrance to Dubrovnik's old town with the Croatian flag flying aboveHistoric Pile Gate entrance to Dubrovnik's old town with the Croatian flag flying above

Pile is famous for its ancient 15th-century city walls, the Pile gate (map) which serves as the entrance to the Old Town, and the 11th-century Lovrijenac Fortress (map). This hilly area is perfect for those looking for a stunning yet quieter alternative just outside the Old Town walls.

Pile and the Lovrijenac Fortress look like those medieval places that you see in history books where every stone has a story to tell. In fact, Lovrijenac Fortress, built on a 30-meter-high rock, is so iconic that it served as a filming location for Game of Thrones! 

Historians believe that the fortress was built between 1018 and 1038. The views are so beautiful from here, you can’t miss the chance to see a sunset and the views of the Old Town and the Adriatic Sea! 

And since Pile is where most city buses have their last stop, you will find it super easy to explore other parts of the city, like the Lapad Peninsula.

You can spend your mornings in one of the many cafes, have a strong espresso and get ready for a full day of sightseeing and walking around. And if you’re up for a day trip, you can head to the nearby Cavtat village (map) known for gorgeous beaches and Illyrian necropolises, making it a pretty unique destination to visit!

Luxury hotel

Set in a historic 1897 building, this is one of the best hotels in Dubrovnik! The room views are breathtaking and most attractions are located within walking distance. Have a day to yourself at the spa, and then head downstairs for a glass of wine at the bar that views the Lovrijenac fortress.

Other accommodation options in Pile


A beautiful mid-range hotel that has all the amenities and a beautiful sea view


These classy apartments are on budget, have family rooms and a kitchen


Friendly accommodation with all the basic amenities, offering a backyard and a balcony

Things to do in Pile

  • Take a Game of Thrones walking tour of the city
  • Visit the Lovrijenac Fortress 
  • See the Onofrio Fountain (map) and the Franciscan Monastery just outside Pile Gate
  • Admire the views from Fort Bokar (map)
  • Spend an afternoon in Kolorina beach (map) or Danče Beach (map)
  • See the gothic architecture of St. Saviour Church (map)
  • Book an adrenaline-pumping zipline tour above the Old Town 

3. Ploče – where to stay in Dubrovnik near the beach

Dubrovnik's bustling Banje Beach with its clear turquoise waters, beachgoers, and the city's historic walls in the backgroundDubrovnik's bustling Banje Beach with its clear turquoise waters, beachgoers, and the city's historic walls in the background

This area is located East of the Old Town, just outside the majestic Ploce Gate (map), and it’s the perfect luxurious place to stay in Dubrovnik if you want an active vacation with plenty of beach time!

You’ll be close to all the ancient sites, but at the same time, you have the Banje beach (map) in this area, which is the biggest public beach in Dubrovnik! Yay! I would love to sunbathe here! 

Other than the beach, this area is best known for its luxury hotels and apartments. So, if you’re looking to splurge on your stay, you now know where to look for hotels!

You can spend your days relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in your hand, and then eat a delicious meal at one of the restaurants. Plus you can walk to the Old Town and visit other museums and palaces.

If you’re still debating where to stay in Dubrovnik, I highly recommend this area! And make sure you book in advance to get your hands on the best hotels! 

Luxury hotel

This boutique hotel located near the beach has the most elegant design! I just love the sea view from their restaurant, it looks like such a romantic place to watch the sunset! You can even enjoy a day at the spa after exploring Dubrovnik or have a drink at the bar to end your evening nicely!

Other accommodation options in Ploče


A 300-year-old mid-ranged hotel in Dubrovnik that has a charming terrace and the rooms are spacious


Family-friendly hotel with a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, a terrace, and air conditioning


A simple yet chic villa with all amenities that has a big balcony with an amazing view of the Adriatic Sea

Things to do in Ploče

4. Lapad – where to stay in Dubrovnik for families

Picturesque view of Dubrovnik's fortress and old town perched on cliffs above the azure Adriatic Sea under a partly cloudy skyPicturesque view of Dubrovnik's fortress and old town perched on cliffs above the azure Adriatic Sea under a partly cloudy sky

This beautiful area is situated 3 km (2 miles) Northwest of the Old Town on the Lapad Peninsula. If you’re wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik with the whole family, then I suggest booking your trip here! 

Thanks to its fantastic beaches like Lapad Beach (map) and Copacabana Beach (map) where you can try all sorts of watersports. Plus, with the charming Lapad Promenade with many restaurants and shops nearby, Lapad will be the best place to explore with your family.

The area is quite hilly, so you can enjoy its hiking trails and enjoy the best views of Lapad Bay and the sea! But make sure to get your fitness on beforehand, and have plenty of water with you!

Even if you decide to stay at a hotel here, you can still easily explore the Old Town as the buses run frequently and it only takes 15 minutes to get there. However, I’m sure it will be hard to leave Lapad as you’ll find a beach at every corner, and the spectacular views overlooking the Adriatic Sea will make you fall in love with Lapad.

If you enjoy spending time in nature, then you’ll be happy to know that the beach won’t be your only choice. Just above the sea, you’ll find the Velika and Mala Petka Forest Park (map) on a hill that has the most amazing view of the Peninsula! Take some time and enjoy the “lungs of Dubrovnik” with your whole family!

Lapad is one of the best places if you’re looking for a luxury resort for the whole family. My personal favorite is the Royal Blue, but there are many others.

Luxury hotel

Staying in Dubrovnik will feel like heaven in this modern luxury beach hotel which has the best sea views! You can spend a whole day relaxing at the spa and then have a swim in the outdoor swimming pools. Have a drink at the pool bar and get ready to experience the most beautiful sunset that you’ll ever see from the rooftop terrace!

Other accommodation options in Lapad


Stay in Lapad in a charming hotel that has a balcony, swimming pool, and spacious rooms


One of the best places to stay on Lapad Peninsula that has a terrace, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi 


This beautiful studio is brand new, beautifully decorated, and comes with bay views

Things to do in Lapad

  • Spend a day relaxing at the Uvala Beach (map
  • Admire the architecture of the Saint Michael Church (map)
  • Have a drink at ‪Škar Winery Dubrovnik‬ (map)
  • Rent a kayak and explore the views of Lapad and Dubrovnik
  • Visit the Cave bar More (map) for a unique experience in Dubrovnik Croatia
  • Have fun at Puzzle Punks Escape Room perfect for Game of Thrones fans

5. Babin Kuk – where to stay for luxury travelers

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik's coastline with lush greenery, red rooftops, and the serene blue Adriatic SeaPanoramic view of Dubrovnik's coastline with lush greenery, red rooftops, and the serene blue Adriatic Sea

Located on the Northern part of the Lapad Peninsula, just 4 km (2 miles) away from the Old Town, this area is perfect if you want to find luxury hotels but at the same time enjoy some peace and quiet during your stay in Dubrovnik. The beach is surrounded by huge rocks and green gardens, full of spots that will make you relax and forget all your worries.

You’ll find some of the best hotels here, not to mention a wide variety of bars and restaurants. Enjoy a full day of lying on the beach, admiring the beautiful views, and taking long romantic walks on the shores of Babin Kuk.

Don’t be surprised if you spot many luxurious yachts and stylish spas! If you want some more privacy, you can head to the private beach, Copacabana, where there are tons of watersports activities, boat rides, and delicious food at the high-end restaurants.

The combination of serene nature, beaches, and luxury resorts makes this place suitable for both couples and families who are looking for a special treat during their stay in Dubrovnik.

Luxury hotel

This 5 star hotel in Dubrovnik is surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and has a beach nearby. You can’t miss a fantastic view here, they’re available even from your room window, not to mention the outdoor pool scenery! Dress up, go downstairs and have a fabulous night at the hotel’s restaurant and bar!

Other accommodation options in Babin Kuk


A lovely 4-star guest house with city views, a spa and wellness center, and free parking


An on budget hotel placed in an authentic stone building, they have family rooms and free Wi-Fi


A centrally located budget apartment with a spacious room with big windows and a balcony

Things to do in Babin Kuk

  • Relax on the Copacabana private beach
  • Eat a delicious seafood meal at Orsan Dubrovnik (map)
  • Have a cocktail on Mandrac beach
  • Go visit the Old Town
  • Enjoy a luxurious day at the Coral Beach Club (map)
  • Rent a jet ski and explore the sea
  • Go on a boat tour in Dubrovnik

6. Gruz – best place to stay on a budget

Dubrovnik marina filled with various boats, with the town's terraced architecture and a hill in the backgroundDubrovnik marina filled with various boats, with the town's terraced architecture and a hill in the background

If you want to experience the local vibe of Dubrovnik and not pay a fortune for the hotels and restaurants, then I highly recommend booking your place here in advance! 

Located North of the Old Town, just 4 km (2 miles) away, this area is also popular because it’s where the main port and bus station are located. A residential neighborhood where you won’t see as many tourists as in other places means that the hotel prices will be lower. Yay!

The marina here is very nice, not to mention the spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea! If you’re thinking of going on a day boat trip to any of the islands nearby, then staying in Gruz will be perfect for you. You can easily arrange a ferry trip to the Elaphiti Islands, which look so beautiful!

There’s an artisan brewery I highly recommend in this area – Dubrovnik Beer Company (map), where you can enjoy taproom tastings! History aficionados can enjoy the Red History Museum (get your ticket here) to learn about Croatia’s communist history! And don’t forget a top at the Gruz Market (map) where you can mingle with fellow locals and buy fresh produce!

Enjoy one of the best neighborhoods in Dubrovnik with its authentic Croatian atmosphere and eat some delicious seafood at one of the restaurants while you’re here!

Luxury hotel

One of the best places to stay in Dubrovnik, this family-owned hotel offers spa services if you need a day off from exploring around! You can swim in the morning and then head down to the bar in the evening to have a glass of wine and get ready for the next day!

Other accommodation options in Gruz


A spacious mid-ranged apartment with large windows, cozy rooms, and free Wi-Fi


This modern hotel offers an outdoor pool, family rooms, and a nice view of the city from the terrace


Fully equipped apartment with a patio, backyard, free wifi, and a spacious, lovely room

Things to do in Gruz

  • Walk around the Gruz Port and admire the ships in Dubrovnik
  • Visit the Red History Museum
  • Take a water taxi out to the Lapad Peninsula
  • Head Downtown to see the Old Town
  • Have a drink at the Dubrovnik Beer Company
  • Take a ferry to Elaphiti Islands or go island hopping on a tour

BONUS: Things to know about parking in Dubrovnik

Massive stone walls of Dubrovnik's fortress, with cars parked along the road leading to the entranceMassive stone walls of Dubrovnik's fortress, with cars parked along the road leading to the entrance

If you’ve decided to visit Dubrovnik by car or you’re thinking about renting one, then you should definitely know a few things. We all get carried away when we’re on holiday and sometimes forget about all the logistics!

Parking in a city like Dubrovnik can be a nightmare especially if you don’t know anything about their rules. That’s why I thought I would give you all the information you need on the topic. This city is charming and I don’t want your trip to be affected because you weren’t prepared.

Street Parking Zones

There are 5 parking zones in the city of Dubrovnik, and each zone has a different parking fee, however, the ticket price also varies depending on which time of the year you’re visiting. As you might’ve expected, during the summer the prices reach a peak.

The most expensive one is Zone 0, where the price can reach 70 kunas (€9) per hour and the cheapest is Zone 4, but that’s super far from the Old Town, and you’ll end up taking a cab or bus to get there.

  • Zone 0: Monday to Sunday (00:00 am – 23:59 pm)
  • Zone 1: Monday to Sunday (06:00 am – 22:00 pm)
  • Zone 2: the schedule is not available, check before going
  • Zone 3: Monday to Sunday (06:00 – 22:00 pm)
  • Zone 4: the schedule is not available, check before going

Check out this map so that you can visualize where each zone is located and how far or close it is from all the attractions.

P.S. If you want to rent a car in Croatia, I have this special article where you can read all about it!

How to buy and pay your parking ticket

I know some of you might think about taking a risk and not paying for your spot, however, you will have to pay a fee if you don’t get a ticket and there’s no excuse as there are plenty of ways to pay for your parking:

  • Parking meters
  • By text (Croatian phone number only)
  • With an app

Can you get around Dubrovnik without a car?

If all this hustle seems too much for you, you can definitely get around Dubrovnik without a car. There’s a great public transportation connection between the central areas, and most of the Pile-Old Town-Ploce perimeter is super walkable, too.

BONUS 2: Best hotels with free parking

Luxury seaside hotel built into a cliff in Dubrovnik, overlooking the Adriatic Sea with tiered pools and terracesLuxury seaside hotel built into a cliff in Dubrovnik, overlooking the Adriatic Sea with tiered pools and terraces

As you can see, there are many things to take care of when parking your car, and I highly recommend booking a hotel that offers free parking. That way you only need to figure out where to park when you’re going around town and don’t worry about paying extra for the time that you’re in the hotel.

  • Guesthouse S&L – Enjoy the beautiful weather in the garden of this accommodation that’s located in Gruz. Offering many amenities, including free parking, a kitchen and outdoor fireplace, this charming hotel is equipped with everything you need for your trip. Just wait until you see those sea views from the balcony, they’re incredible!
  • Villa Dard –This spacious villa is perfect for your holiday in Dubrovnik! It’s huge, and you even have a small terrace where you can gather up with your friends to have a glass of wine and exchange opinions about the city. The accommodation offers free parking, family rooms and breakfast!
  • L’Appartement Hotel – Fancy a place that offers panoramic sea views? Well, then this accommodation is going to be perfect for you. It offers self-catering facilities and it’s located in Pile. Other amenities also include free parking, fitness center, and a swimming pool.

FAQs about where to stay in Dubrovnik

Historic baroque Jesuit Stairs in Dubrovnik, lined with cafe tables and frequented by touristsHistoric baroque Jesuit Stairs in Dubrovnik, lined with cafe tables and frequented by tourists

🏛️ What is the best area to stay in Dubrovnik?

The best area to stay in Dubrovnik is the Old Town, as it has all the big historic landmarks, museums, and palaces! Plus, here you’ll find the best boutique hotels within walking distance.

🤔 Is it better to stay in Old Town Dubrovnik or outside?

It’s ideal to stay in the Old Town of Dubrovnik because that way you’ll be very close to all of the top attractions for tourists and you won’t have to take the bus to go places.

🏨 Where should I stay in Dubrovnik Old Town?

The Old Town’s best hotel is the Pucic Palace, an amazing 18th-century baroque building that has a beautiful view of the city.

🇭🇷 Is it better to stay in Split or Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is the best area to stay in if you’re planning on visiting Croatia, it has the historical Old Town with the town walls, beaches and you can take day trips to most of the islands nearby.

🍸 Where is the best hotel in Dubrovnik for nightlife?

To experience the great nightlife here you can book a room at the Scalini Palace, which is located a few steps away from Stradun Street, where all the bars are, or stay at the Old Town Hostel which organizes parties and social events for travelers.

👪 What is a good hotel in Dubrovnik for families?

If you’re wondering where to stay in Dubrovnik with your family then Hotel Palace can be a good choice for you as it has spacious rooms, 2 swimming pools and it’s located in a family-friendly area.

📅 How many days should I stay in Dubrovnik?

I recommend at least 3 days in Dubrovnik so you can fully get a grasp of its historical charm, attractions, and natural beauty.

❓ Can I walk the Walls of Dubrovnik for free?

Unfortunately no, the Walls of Dubrovnik aren’t free. The entry fee at the time of writing was €35 per person.

💶 Where can I find the best luxury hotels in Dubrovnik?

Old Town, Lapad, and Ploce all have luxury hotels, so you can choose an area that best matches your interests. The best luxury hotel in town, Excelsior, is located in Ploce.

✅ Is it safe to walk around Dubrovnik?

Absolutely! Dubrovnik is a safe city, well-lit, pedestrian-friendly, and the crime rate is lower than in the rest of Croatia. 


Dubrovnik's old town and harbor illuminated at dusk, with boats moored in calm waters and historic buildings lit upDubrovnik's old town and harbor illuminated at dusk, with boats moored in calm waters and historic buildings lit up

There’s something so magical about Dubrovnik. I don’t know if it’s all the legends and myths or the beauty of the Old Town of Dubrovnik and its unbreachable town walls, but I had a great time telling all about the best areas from Lapad and Babin Kuk to Old Town!

I know, I did it again! I’ve given you so many hotel options and they’re all pretty amazing so you should definitely book them in advance. To make your trip planning easier, here are my top 2 choices both located in Dubrovnik’s Old Town:

  • The Pucic Palace – the Old town’s best hotel set in an 18-century Baroque palace
  • Scalini Palace – an elegant hotel with lovely views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town

I hope this article helped you decide where to stay in Dubrovnik, Croatia! Wander around this magical place, discover all the fantastic touristy spots in the Old Town and spend your days sunbathing on the pristine beaches of Dubrovnik!

Do leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions for our traveling community.

Safe travels, 


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Promotional graphic titled '24 Best Hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia' with an aerial view of Dubrovnik's old town and beachPromotional graphic titled '24 Best Hotels in Dubrovnik, Croatia' with an aerial view of Dubrovnik's old town and beach

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Guide cover with the title 'Where to Stay in Dubrovnik - 6 Best Areas' featuring an image of Dubrovnik's historic walls and a sailing shipGuide cover with the title 'Where to Stay in Dubrovnik - 6 Best Areas' featuring an image of Dubrovnik's historic walls and a sailing ship

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