Unique Rest & Relaxation Retreats for the Ultimate Escape

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Rest and relaxation are fundamental factors we sometimes need to prioritise to operate at our optimum level; with all the stress and bustle of the daily grind, we must take time to unwind. Rest and relaxation resorts offer a relaxing, fuss-free getaway with meticulously planned itineraries in stunning locations. Sure, the typical massages or Bali yoga retreats are always great, but why not opt for something more unconventional or adventurous?

Whether one prefers the ocean’s wonders or the countryside’s serene quietness, LUXUO has gathered a list of unique rest and relaxation retreats to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

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7 Nights of Gorillas Chimpanzees & Big Cats in Safrai Uganda

Photo: Safari Retreats Africa

Embark on the ultimate safari trip to truly experience something magical. The bucket-list-worthy retreat takes participants on an extensive journey through the stunning landscapes of the “Pearl of Africa”, Uganda. The busy itinerary takes one through multiple National Parks each day to marvel at the rare sight of wild animals in their natural habitat. The majestic sights include herds of elephants, tree-climbing lions and mountain gorillas, amongst many others.

Location: Uganda, Africa (visit here to see exact locations)
Contact: info@safariretreats.africa

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8 day “Gifts From the Gray Whales” Retreat in Mexico

Photo: Whale Wisdom Retreats

Indulge in the calming energy of the vast waters of the Mexican ocean with this eight-day whale-focused immersion retreat. The programme is based on teaching the forgiving nature of the gentle giants to their participants through the animals’ forgiveness of humans for hunting them in the same bays they now trust and honour by coming close to boats and even bringing along their calves. Whale Wisdom expert and dolphin healer Anne Gordon will aid in creating a deep connection through guided meditations and communications with the animals to learn the lessons of wisdom, forgiveness and love through the gray whales of the San Ignacio Lagoon.

Location: San Ignacio, Mexico
Contact: Anne@WhaleWisdomRetreats.com

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7 day Expressive Realism Art Retreat in Tuscany

Photo: Art Escape Italy

Escape to the scenic Italian countryside to learn the intricacies of expressive realism art from skilful Russian artist Costa Dvorezky. The all-inclusive artistic oasis takes place at a peaceful farmhouse and winery in the region of Chianti, just half an hour away from Florence by train. The property owner also produces olive oil and wine to truly embrace the rich Italian heritage. All levels of artistic skill are welcome to attend the art workshop, held over a period of five days. Participants will spend all day learning from expert demonstrations and one-on-one feedback.

Location: Antico Borgo La Torre, Florence, Italy
Contact: info@artescapeitaly.com

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6 day Stargazing Retreat in Utah

Photo: Soulflower Yoga and Wellness

While there is no shortage of yoga focused retreats, this option blends the relaxation of yoga with the astrology and astronomy to give participants a unique experience. The six day retreat occurs during a new moon, in which telescope tour company Darksky Rangers will be present with their equipment for guests to marvel at the amplified night sky. Other activities also include sunset walks at Canyonland National Park, multiple yoga sessions and guided evening meditation. Participants will embark on a journey to learn about the interconnection of astrological events and environmental consciousness throughout the process.

Location: Monticello, Utah, United States
Contact: soulfloweryogaandwellness@gmail.com

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4 Day Equine & Essences Holistic Wellbeing Retreat, Essex, UK

Photo: Bookretreats.com

This holistic retreat offers Equine facilitated Interaction and learning sessions for adults and children and is hosted by Jane Gilbey — a practitioner with The Athena Herd Foundation. Located in Brooke Farm, Essex, the secluded grassland Equestrian farm is ideal for one to escape daily life stressors. The wholesome retreat allows participants to reconnect with nature and animals in this rural, off-grid location. Activities like guided meditations, sound baths and essence consultations are organised for the relaxation retreat to truly unwind.

Location: Private Ryeland Shepherd Hut, Essex, United Kingdom
Contact: jane@oaksbrook.co.uk

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5 Day Binge Reading Retreat in The South of France

Photo: Montagu Retreats

Nestled in the South of France, this Binge Reading Retreat is a bookworm’s ideal getaway. The five-day retreat takes place in a 200-year-old French farmhouse made of ancient wood and surrounded by vineyards, sunflower fields, orchards, and wildflower meadows. Participants get to immerse themselves in the popular pastime without the distractions of everyday life. The retreat also includes optional activities — including a tour of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela — the pilgrims’ historical route dating back to the 9th century, as well as guided sessions of Nidra Yoga.

Location: Nogaro, Occitanie, France
Contact: margarethamontagu@gmail.com

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8 Day Surf Coaching & Fitness Retreat in Taghazout Bay, Morocco

Photo: Local Surf Maroc

Looking for a beach retreat, why not explore the less travelled destinations? This retreat is in Tamraught, a cosy ocean village along the Western Coast of Morocco in Taghazout Bay. The eight-day affair is ideal for one who enjoys an active lifestyle with six full days of surfing and days out on the ocean. This retreat will teach guests how to develop their surfing skills and abilities, and navigate the waves and currents of the sea. The all-inclusive getaway includes surf lessons, fitness sessions and guided yoga classes.

Location: Tamraught, Taghazout Bay, Morocco
Contact: hello@localsurfmaroc.com

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6 Day Perfume Making Retreat in Bulgaria


Treat the olfactory senses to a fragrance-focused retreat in Rose Valley, Bulgaria. The five-day retreat is designed to elevate one’s knowledge and appreciation of the intricacies of fragrance creation. Participants will get to learn about the interplay between natural and synthetic ingredients, and examine Bulgaria’s local perfume plants — rose, tobacco and lavender. The exciting retreat includes activities like daily perfume-making lessons led by experts and a trip to the fruitful lavender fields to explore fragrance formulation from start to finish.

Location: Hill House Plovdiv, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Contact: For inquiries, click here.

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