These are the 10 best restaurants in Paris, ranked by local expert

Food sustains life. Does life sustain food? That is a question I’ve been pondering for some time, now. As many regions of the world face drought and fertilizer shortages and as food prices seem to be escalating at the same time that our brain trust focuses more on how to decrease the massive quantities of wasted food…Are we, as life, sustaining our food sources?

Many of the great chefs and restaurateurs on this list, and many who have been on this list previously, devote their lives to food – its sustainable sourcing, its local cultivation, its preparation and its artistry. I would like to pause here to celebrate and offer gratitude to their stewardship and devotion to such an essential and life-sustaining ingredient as food. Merci. 

Now, to our list…

After shopping the most fashionable districts and visiting the landmarks of Paris, there are times when all you really want is a good meal.

And sometimes all you really want is a fabulous pizza. In fact, I’d argue that the last couple of years impacted our collective culinary habits to a degree that has made a good pizzeria even more sought after than ever before. And, as luck would have it, Paris is home to the world’s best pizzeria, Casa di Peppe, voted world’s best in 2022. 

Many of today’s noteworthy chefs here in Paris have begun to practice the cult of personally sourced ingredients. There was a time when restaurants made their purchases at the big fresh market called Rungis out by Charles De Gaulle airport, every morning. Many still do that, but you’ll find that the really exacting chefs have their fish provider, their meat cultivator and their butter and cheese curator on speed dial on their portable phones. And some even have their own vegetable gardens. Here on this list, many of these chefs meet that telling criteria. 

Those times seem to occur quite often in Paris where excellent bistros and restaurants line nearly every street you walk down. And that’s not to mention all those ‘must’ places. You know, the ones that have all the user recommendations and Instagram photos.

But image doesn’t always equate with quality. So when the only thing that will do is a satisfying, taste-good, sure-fire meal, you can have confidence that any of these restaurants on this list won’t let you down. Some offer haute cuisine, and others offer just that perfectly grilled, thick steak served with potatoes and an excellent glass – or bottle, why not? – of wine. 




Le Drugstore

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

This is one of those mythic Parisian hotspots, fashionable for decades and playing host to the rich and famous for just as long.

Yes, certainly, you pay here for dining in the shadow – quite literally – of the Arc de Triomphe on the Champs-Elysees, but you get good quality for what you pay for, too. The restaurant itself is divided into three distinct areas: the ample sidewalk terrace seating; the interior lounge area with big comfy chairs and area tables, perfect for drinks and nibbles; and the dining area which is minimalist with accents of aquariums and direct view into the open kitchens.

Sea and turf is the best way to describe the menu, with each being equally weighted. There are also a number of selections that are for two, such as the glazed pork ribs and even the gigantic millefeuille dessert – meant for at least deux!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Can the legend live up to the lore? Here at Le Drugstore, the food is deliciously, aphrodisiacally as good as its reputation.

Paige’s expert tip: The Executive Chef here, Anthony Sheffer, earned his badges working under Chef Eric Frechon at the Bristol. Yes, indeed. And the 3-star Michelin training shows. Light, delicate, full of flavor, small-ish portions and delicate refinement characterize this Asian-fusion influenced cuisine.

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Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

More and more I hear people say that nibbling and sharing plates of food is their preferred way of eating. Perhaps this is the younger generation setting food trends, or perhaps this is simply an evolution in how we enjoy the culinary experience?

So, when in Paris, an evening spent in St.-Germain des Pres, sipping cocktails, sharing pizza and plates of food while you watch beautiful people walk by is how an evening is meant to be. Add to that ambiance some dance music and a packed restaurant full of diners, and you’ve got yourself the frothy St.-Germain des Pres night out.

This restaurant is all about exceptional pizzas served with generous amounts of toppings and starters to share. It’s also about light and fresh cocktails that re-imaigine the classic Aperol spritz, and a high-end wine list where you can find that botle of Montepulciano you’ve been craving.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: If it’s true that our eating habits have migrated towards small, shared plates of food, then this is the kind of restaurant that accommodates that.

Paige’s expert tip: The chef pizzaiolo, Gennaro Esposito, is a Naples native. He and the Chef, formerly of Eataly, together worked out the pizza menu, which includes the signature Agatissima and Queen-des-Pres. But an equal amount of attention has been paid to the cocktail and wine lists, both of which offer exceptional choices. Here you’re in the heart of the world-famous St.-Germain des Pres, surrounded by beautiful couples out on date night and dance music to get you in the mood for the rest of your night.

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Ava Kitchen

Ava Kitchen

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

If you, like me, can count a few fitness nuts amongst your close friends and family, this is a place you’ll want to bookmark. Lets face it, sightseeing, museum hopping and walking the beautiful avenues of Paris can use up a lot of your energy.

Ava Kitchen is there to replenish your energy levels and sense of well-being with their food-as-fuel approach. Housed in a super-hip fitness center (upstairs) this lounge-like dining establishment, with ample outside tables, offers nutritionally packed and balanced bowls that are delicious meals. Salmon, teriyaki chicken or vegetarian, combined with raw avocadoes, roasted sweet potatoes, generous dollops of humous served on a lightly seasoned bed of greens… This is what you can expect for your lunch or early dinner here.

The owner is a former Nike spokesmodel and fitness trainer. Each dish is optimised for carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. The fresh juices and smoothies are sublime.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: When your body needs to be nourished and your soul requires the refreshment of a peaceful, inner, shady courtyard setting, Ava Kitchen’s got you.

Paige’s expert tip: Healthy food that leaves you energized. That’s not always easy to find, especially when you want to keep your meal times to a reasonable hour or so but do not want to sacrifice your nutrition requirements to fast food. The menu here is fairly simple. Its basic offerings are healthy bowls, a couple of (giant) burgers, wonderful juice blends packed with nutrients and a dessert or two like fresh-made banana cake.
Also, if you like the pop-art decor, the place doubles as a sort of concept store. One woman once bought all the water glasses they had inventory. Even the art work on the walls is for sale. So, go ahead, take home a souvenir or two.

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Casa di Peppe

Casa di Peppe

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

Some would say that to make the world’s best pizza, you must first master the crust. This is what Giuseppe, aka ‘Peppe’, Cutraro did when competing for the title, World’s Best Pizza, a title he won in 2019-20. His crust, he explains, is light and full of air, yet still soft and flavorful. It’s easy on the digestion, so that after eating an entire one of his pizzas, you don’t feel heavy.

It would seem that pretty much all of Paris agrees. Even in his expansive new Latin Quarter restaurant pizzeria that seats nearly a hundred inddors and out, reservations are a must.
His ‘Napoli’ wood-fire pizza oven firies out freshly baked Neapolitan even on the hottest days of summer. And not only did he win the title of Best, but so did his Pizzeria, named the best of 2022, and it’s right here in Paris!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Yes, it’s true. Paris has the world’s best pizzeria, voted in 2022. And Giuseppe ‘Peppe’ Cutraro, world’s best pizza maker 2020, is its chef-owner.

Paige’s expert tip: What hits you when you first walk into this World’s Best Pizzeria (yep, look it up, winner 2022!) – besides the heavenly smells coming from the wood-fire pizza oven – is the feeling of…joy! This is a pizza restaurant where pizza is revered and elevated to its authentic position of a class unto itself. Peppe Cutraro, only 34 yrs. old, was also voted the best pizza chef for 2019-20. His use of almonds in his recipes is original and what’s surprising is how well he harmonizes all his ingredients. Go ahead, try the Champion du Monde pizza. It’s well worth it! But do leave room for dessert. The tiramisu is a delight and the Partenopeo (white chocolate, brioche and red fruits) is heavenly.

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Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

This is next level dining when it comes to excellent food with a view. The restaurateurs behind Mun have aced what it takes to combine atmosphere, graceful service, gorgeous views, and, of course, excellent food into winning ingredients that make up Mun. This is Japanese-inspired cuisine packaged into a full-on Parisian restaurant experience, complete with the Eiffel Tower’s twinkling lights.

In the summer months, the outside dining terrace, plus the terrace bar with sweeping views from the Arc-de-Triomphe around to the Sacre-Coeur, accommodate up to 130. The interior luxurious dining room is comfortably welcoming in any season.

Signature cocktails start you off perfectly accompanying your selection from the real-time sushi bar. Wagyu beef steak is served perfectly rare and seasoned so that it literally melts in your mouth. Selections include fish, meat and poultry and dishes are meant to be shared, Asian-style. A disciplined wine selection offers Margaux and Crozes-Hermitage.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Mun offers intimate and excellent dining in a dynamic and very trendy atmosphere where Japanese cuisine blends effortlessly with Parisian, twinkling-Eiffel-Tower, skyline views.

Paige’s expert tip: This is at the top of the Most Romantic Paris restaurants list. The ambiance makes you feel like you are in one of the City of Love’s most happening venues (you are!) while at the same time offering seating that is secluded enough to make you feel as if there’s only you. The menu offers dishes that are meant to be enjoyed between you, thus offering more shared intimacy experiences. And, the Eiffel Tower, as if right on cue, will start its twinkling to light up the night’s breathlessly beautiful skyline.

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Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

Before opening his own eco-responsible restaurant and being awarded a Michelin Star for it, Chef Thibaut Spiwack checked off a few other accomplishments. These accomplishments include competing on Top Chef Season 13 (2022) where he made it through 11 episodes; Working for notable chefs such as Alain Senderens, Ducasse and Philippe Legendre; Developing an’eco-responsible’ philosophy towards food.

Eco-responsible refers to the practice where the chef sources only sustainably harvested seafood, responsibly raised fowl and meats and organically cultivated vegetables. Everything on the menu is seasonal and locally grown. Even the dishes you dine from are made with all natural ingredients.

Lunch gives you the luxury of choosing your own starter, main and dessert. Dinner gives you the choice of a set Chef’s Menu of 5 or 7 services, though the team will always make allowances for gluten or other dietary restrictions. The wine list offers bio-dynamic pairing options.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Dining in a Michelin star restaurant is an honor and an exploration in culinary artistry; here you have the added wisdom of ethically-sourced ingredients.

Paige’s expert tip: Talent, wisdom and a heart – this is a rare and winning combination. Chef Spiwack dedicated his entry into the Top Chef competition (2022) to his sister who passed away at an early age. His dedication to ethically sourced and eco-responsible ingredients also raised the bar on what it means to be a Top Chef. Enjoy lunch or dinner at this young, talented chef’s Michelin Star restaurant.

Pigeon roasted in its own juices served with a warm grilled corn mousse, roasted watermelon and corn kernels is truly a celebration of summer flavors albeit with a Michelin-star re-interpretation.

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Le Pavillon Ledoyen - Yannick Alleno

Le Pavillon Ledoyen - Yannick Alleno

Photo courtesy of Pavillon Ledooyen Paris

Nestled in a historic pavilion located off the Champs-Elysees near place de la Concorde and surrounded by greenery, this dining room is legendary. It now has a living-legend new owner, Chef Yannick Alleno of Terroir Parisien fame.

His menu is crafted originally. First of all, he’s done away with the traditional starter, main, dessert formula and put together a menu of dishes that complement one another when ordered in the right combinations and sequences. On top of that he has included both traditional and nouvelle French cooking, so your palate is sure to find delight here whatever your taste is for at the moment. Closed August.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: This remains one of France’s temples of gastronomy and haute cuisine.

Paige’s expert tip: This is one of those world’s best restaurants. When you’ve dined here, you can cross that one off the bucket list. The menu features a combination of traditional and nouvelle cuisine, sure to please the both of you.

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La Perruche

La Perruche

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

Locals say that this is the absolute best dining view of Paris in the entire city. I can’t argue with that! This is, quite literally, a perch and if you come with a date, you will feel like two little love birtds – albeit love birds surrounded by the hippest, most beautiful other birds in Paris.

Much thought and artistry is put into the food, as well. It’s not just a restaurant full of ambiance and great views. No, the menu is packed with delicious items which change seasonally.

The steak is a chteaubriand cut and if you can’t decide between the mashed potatoes or the french fries, order both. For starters, the warm, simmered balsamic infused tomatoes baked into a tomato tatin is topped with creamy goat’s cheese. Lavendar infused ice cream for dessert, perhaps? Or maybe it’s that Tarte Tropezienne, full of wickedly delicious creme chantilly?

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: When you want to dine out amongst a fashionable crowd but still have a romantic dinner with a World’s Best View, this is the spot.

Paige’s expert tip: Come ‘chicly dressed’ and don’t expect them to keep your table more than 15 minutes past your reservation. That’s what the fine print on their online menu says. But once you arrive, you see it’s good advice. You would not want to be underdressed at a place like this, nor would you want to have your table snagged by the dozens of people waiting in the wings on any given night who forgot to make reservations ahead of time. Oh, and, the service is EXCELLENT.

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Madame Brasserie - Tour Eiffel

Madame Brasserie - Tour Eiffel

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

Madame Brasserie is the Eiffel Tower’s newest restaurant and its captain is none other than Chef Thierry Marx. Chef Marx, the 2-Star Michelin Chef, is one of the most beloved, if not the beloved, chefs of France.

In a word, he’s ‘chill.’ This zen vibe he exudes permeates all that he does, all that he creates and all that he cooks. His cuisine is French, imaginative, flavorful and healthy – think quinoa instead of gnochi; a light, whipped pavlova of meringue and fresh summer red berries; or glazed, seared, roast pork belly served with the freshest of locally sourced baby vegetables. Rest assured that each product, each ingredient is lovingly chosen from la Guide des Artisans de la Tour Eiffel, a consortium of producers who adhere to sustainable, locally sourced and environmentally responsible cultivation practices.

There are two services for lunch and dinner. Your meal comes complimentary with a view!

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Chef Thierry Marx’s greatest wish is when you dine at his newest restaurant, Madame Brasserie, you take with you beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Paige’s expert tip: A decade ago I promised myself that one day I would dine at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower. Now with the heightened security around this Paris landmark, having a lunch or dinner reservation for Madame Brasserie is absolutely one of the best ways to visit the Eiffel Tower. The meal here deserves Michelin star recognition (the Exec Chef, Thierry Marx, is a 2-star), the view is unforgettable and the service/decor is both friendly and chill. What’s more, when you have a reservation, you get to skip all the lines and go straight to the elevator that whisks you up to the first floor where the restaurant is located.

There’s also a bar-lounge within the restaurant where you can enjoy drinks and light snacks before your meal or simply to take in the view.

The chef’s choice of decor is also signature. Here at the newly opened (June 2022) Madame Brasserie in the Eiffel Tower – ‘the oldest rooftop in Paris’ – the atmosphere is at the same time relaxing, inviting, elegant and comfortable. The Chef’s ultimate goal is for you to leave with beautiful memories of such a fleeting moment spent suspended within the Tour Eiffel, enjoying a delicious meal overlooking the timeless city of Paris.

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Le Coq & Fils

Le Coq & Fils

Photo courtesy of Paige Donner

What do you get when a triple Michelin-starred French chef puts his mind to reinvigorating the best loved staples of roast chicken, heirloom tomatoes and exquisite sides such as hummous and freshly baked bread? You get Le Coq & Fils, The Poultry House.

With wife Patricia by his side, Chef Westermann set out to find only the absolute happiest chickens in all of France, raised with love and freedom to roam, as the base ingredient for their roast chicken here. He then sourced near-forgotten heirloom tomato seeds and had them grown into fabulously flavorful tomatoes he uses in his tomato salads. The dark bread served alongside is freshly baked and reminds you of something your great-grandmother once served you on the farm of your childhood. Fan of hummous? He’s re-imagined that as well, adding secret ingredients. In all, this is the most satisfying comfort food you’ve ever had.

Recommended for Best Restaurants because: Simimar to an artist like Picasso, it is fascinating to trace a 3-star Michelin chef’s evolution to mastery and re-invigoration of ‘simplest’ of dishes.

Paige’s expert tip: This restaurant is the best reason to head up to Montmartre where you can spend an afternoon at the Museum or wandering the quaint village streets before dinner or after lunch. At Le Coq & Fils you will feast on the best free range, roasted chicken you’ve ever tasted! The side dishes are equally stars, with hummous re-imagined with a blend of aubergines and a tomato salad made with a medley of at least a dozen different types of heirloom tomatoes, including pineapple.

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