Amsterdam Brew Pubs and Microbreweries: 10Best Microbrewery Reviews

Beer is the number one bar drink in Amsterdam. So it’s not very surprising that there are so many brown cafes in Amsterdam. Some of them date back to the late 1600! Most of the brew pubs are located in the historic city center. Lately more and more neighborhood bars open the doors. If you’re going to explore Amsterdam West or Amsterdam East make sure to go to Bar Brouw and Brouwerij ‘t IJ.

The last few years the trend of craft beers and locally brewed beers is becoming more and more popular in Amsterdam. Some small scale breweries are: Butcher’s tears brewery, Oedipus Brewing, Brouwerij Pampus, 
Two Chefs Brewing and Brouwerij de Vriendschap. At some of the brew pubs in Amsterdam you will find these beers on the menu such as Van Mechelen Stadscafe.

Most of the Brew Pubs that have beer on draft have Belgian beers. Some of the cafes have over 250 different Belgian beers. It’s highly recommended to ask the bar tender to help you pick a beer that’s best for your taste.

Some of the older brew pubs in Amsterdam have a special programme upon request. Book a tour through the actual brewery of Brouwerij ‘t IJ or book a beer tasting at Arendsnest. The options in Amsterdam are endless when it comes to artisanal beer. 

de Biertuin

Photo courtesy of Anne de Buck

The Biertuin in Amsterdam is only open since June 2012 and already a neighborhood favorite. This cosy cafe and restaurant with a huge patio is located in Amsterdam East on the border of the Oosterpark.

The patio at the Biertuin is huge and very sunny during the warm weather months. In the winter the patio is heated.

On draft at the Biertuin you find more than 15 different kind of beers. Some local, some Belgian but all very special. They have another 40 beers by the bottle.

The Biertuin is a great place for a drink only with some bar bites or for dinner with friends and larger groups. They are famous for the grilled chicken!

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: De Biertuin in Amsterdam East is one of the newer brew pubs in town and a local favorite!

Anne’s expert tip: Best patio in Amsterdam East for drinks and bar bites!

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Butcher's Tears

Butcher's Tears

Photo courtesy of Jessica Lipowski

This brew pub is located right next to the brewery of Butcher’s Tears. It has several of the beers on draft and also other specialty beers on the menu. Besides an extensive range of Butcher’s Tears ales from tap and bottle, including limited and special releases available nowhere else. But don’t worry of you’re not into beer they also have Dutch cider, wine from a private importer, lightly roasted coffee made like within the Swedish scout movement. When the weather is nice you can sit outside at the patio of Butcher’s Tears to enjoy your drinks. This brew pub is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 4 – 9 pm. It’s a bit hidden at an industrial area but don’t let that fool you!

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Butcher’s Tears is one of the new brew pubs in Amsterdam at an industrial area in the Oud Zuid district.

Anne’s expert tip: Check the agenda for special events!

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In de Wildeman

In de Wildeman

Photo courtesy of In de Wildeman

In de Wildeman is an Amsterdam favorite. With more than 250 beers available, 18 of which are on tap, beer lovers rejoice at the mere mention of this pub’s name. The bar was once a distillery and is now a well-known beer tasting room. In de Wildeman focuses mainly on Dutch and Belgian brews, but also offers British, American and German beers, as well as several ciders. With so many options to choose from, making a decision can be daunting. When in doubt, select the beer of the week or beer of the month. You can’t go wrong. Make sure to soak in the authentic atmosphere, too.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Over 250 beers available at this brew pub in the city center of Amsterdam

Anne’s expert tip: The beer of the week is always fun to try

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De Zotte

De Zotte

Photo courtesy of De Zotte

Call your friends and meet at De Zotte, a Belgian beer cafe. Sit at the bar and chat with the bar tender or find a table and make yourself comfortable. Look around; the benches are worn in and the walls are elegantly decorated with signature beer labels. The caf� radiates a relaxed yet social vibe. De Zotte offers 130 different Belgian beers, eight of which are on draft. From white beers to ales and lagers and everything in between, De Zotte is truly a beer lover’s heaven. If you cannot decide, opt for the beer of the month or ask your server for a recommendation. If need be, you can also grab a bite to eat. The menu offers delicious options — steak, vegetarian quiche, homemade Flemish fries and more. This brew pub promises an all-around good time.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: De Zotte is a well known brew pub with more than 130 Belgian beers.

Anne’s expert tip: Order the beer of the month. It’s always a good call.

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Photo courtesy of Arendsnest

Arendsnest distinguishes itself from other brown cafes in Amsterdam by serving beer only from Dutch breweries. Therefore, if you want to receive a taste of the Netherlands, you’ve come to the right place. Step up to the bar. Arendsnest offers 100 different beers. In addition, there are at least 30 on draft. You may find it difficult to make a decision. Tastings are also offered downstairs in tasting room Bartholomeus. The session will teach you how to properly taste beer, allow you to sample different types and also help you learn about the history of beer and its brewing process.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Arendsnest is one of the places in Amsterdam that does nice beer tastings.

Anne’s expert tip: Book a beer tasting!

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De Druif

De Druif

Photo courtesy of dalbera

De Druif, which literally translates to “The Grape” in English, is one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam. Originally a distillery, De Druif dates back to 1631. It is speculated that sailors frequently visited the establishment. Now, De Druif is a local Amsterdam favorite. The place does not play any music but still offers an intimate and cozy environment to have a drink. You can choose from an assortment of beers and spirits and have an enjoyable, relaxing occasion out. If weather permits, visitors can sit outside on the terrace or lounge inside if it’s raining or cold. It is difficult to reach by public transportation, so it is best to walk or bike.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: De Druif is one of the oldest brown cafes in Amsterdam and known for the special beers.

Anne’s expert tip: Ask for the new beers on the tap.

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Cafe Gollem

Cafe Gollem

Photo courtesy of Gollem

Albeit small in size, this inviting brown bar is a big player in the game of beer selection. With hundreds of bottled beers and a number of on-tap options, the place appeals to those who appreciate the heady, rich flavor of good brews. A good proportion of the beers are Belgian in origin, although you’ll find samples from elsewhere on the planet as well. A great equalizer, the bar takes care of everyone from tourists and blue-collar workers to professionals and locals.

Gollem is famous for its special beers for over 40 years. With two locations in Amsterdam Gollem is a place that beer lovers should not miss when they’re in town.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Gollem was the first cafe in Amsterdam that had a great selection of Belgian beers on the menu.

Anne’s expert tip: On Sunday afternoon there’s often live music at the Gollem on the Overtoom.

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Brouwerij 't IJ

Brouwerij 't IJ

The Brouwerij t’IJ allows you to combine great beer and a bit of Dutch scenery. Europeans, especially the Dutch, Germans and Belgians, are known for great tasting beer. Explore an Amsterdam local favorite, the Brouwerij t’IJ. This place is especially significant in that it situated at the base of De Gooyer windmill, one of the few windmills left in the city. So if you can’t get out of the city long enough to see the Dutch countryside, make your way to the east side of Amsterdam to visit the Brouwerij t’IJ. The tasting room is open from 14:00 to 20:00, and tours are available weekend days at 15:30 and 16:00.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Brouwerij t’IJ is one of the oldest and most famous brew pubs in Amsterdam and located in an old mill.

Anne’s expert tip: Order the tasting menu with small glasses of all the beers!

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van Mechelen stadscafe

van Mechelen stadscafe

Photo courtesy of Your Little Black Book

The bar at Stadscafe Van Mechelen is a great place to meet with friends for drinks. No matter on what day you go there, it’s always packed with locals meeting up to enjoy a beer and some snacks.
Van Mechelen has over eight Belgium beers on the tap and another 15 beers per bottle. If you rather drink wine don’t worry, Van Mechelen has a great wine list too.

The assortiment of craft beers at tis brew pub in Amsterdam is seasonal and will vary. At Van Mechelen they work with the local Amsterdam brewers: 2 Chef’s craft brewers, Butchers-tears, Oedipus brewing and Flying dog.

Recommended for Brew Pubs because: Van Mechelen Stadscafe works with local craft brewers only!

Anne’s expert tip: Go to Stadscafe Van Mechelen on a Friday for after work drinks!

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