A Night of Fun, Booze and Competition

Even the biggest cities can grow humdrum when you’ve experienced all they’ve had to offer.

The cocktail lounges, crafting corners and music nights need to mix it up to keep the crowds coming in.

Thank goodness there’s Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop & Do in London, offering a night unlike anything you’ve ever seen: bright, boozy, beat-heavy bingo with a charming American twist. 

Jess Indeedy (right) injects some much-needed rave quality to the classic bingo night — Photo courtesy of Indeedy Musical Bingo

Indeedy Musical Bingo is the brainchild of Jess Indeedy and Charles Brockbank (aka “DJ Helix”), whose penchant for hip kookiness has taken them around the globe, bringing their bingo nights to the masses.

It’s a “fun, live music game show that takes place at public events and private parties. It’s like normal bingo but with songs instead of numbers. Cross songs off your bingo card as you hear them, and compete to win some amazing (and kitsch) prizes!” 

Bring a gang of friends, grab a sheet, match the tunes and get distracted by decorating your dauber or dancing on the tables. It’s the perfect night for those of us with a grandmotherly side and the stamina of a festival-goer. 

With spots at Latitude (pictured) and Shoreditch House, it's not your grandmother's bingo nightWith spots at Latitude (pictured) and Shoreditch House, it’s not your grandmother’s bingo night — Photo courtesy of Indeedy Musical Bingo

Indeedy, an American expat with a love for all things technicolor Americana, and her team bring nights of music, whimsy and compelling prizes, and it absolutely can’t be missed.

Prizes range from sandwich toasters an inflatable bananas to rounds of cocktails and Champagne. 

Venues include Lucky Voice Karaoke, Shoreditch House, Soho House New York, Farr’s School of Dancing, The Hospital Club, Latitude, Secret Garden Party and Wilderness festivals, but Drink, Shop & Do is the night’s spiritual home, immersing players in the tearoom-cum-cocktail club’s twee loveliness and reckless fun. 

Not your typical Bingo Night, Indeedy Musical Bingo brings the festival vibes to Kings CrossNot your typical Bingo Night, Indeedy Musical Bingo brings the festival vibes to Kings Cross — Photo courtesy of Indeedy Musical Bingo

Drink, Shop & Do has long been a favorite nightlife haven for the cozier-minded and cocktail-happy crowds.

Indeedy Musical Bingo has added to its delightful quotient by bringing its own brand of kitschy, hip chaos to the people. Situated conveniently in Kings Cross, the downstairs cocktail lair is the perfect spot for post-work hijinks just around the corner from the train station and vibrant Angel. 

You can follow Jess Indeedy, DJ Helix and their swarm of dedicated followers online for info on their next appearances.

If you catch them at Drink, Shop & Do, we recommend the espresso martinis – perfect to get your dancing shoes going and your game brain kicked into high gear.

And if organized fun isn’t your thing, then catch one of Indeedy and Helix’s DJ nights, the sweetly named Pick ‘n’ Mix at the Effra Social in Brixton

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