A Guide To The Perfect Trip To England

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I am fresh off a trip to England where I went to three of the most booming cities in the country. When you hear that England is one of the most booming countries in the world, you might not fully understand why people say this until you visit for yourself. The cities I visited were Brighton, Manchester and London, and they were all great in their own way and I will explain why.

Trip to Brighton

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Brighton was the city where I had the least amount of knowledge for it and I went in relatively blind and had to ask some locals and find the best things to do. I spoke to some lovely people and they said the main thing to do is to go along the pier. The Brighton Pier is considered one of the best piers in the world and one of the finest ever built with fairground rides, restaurants and bars. The pier is 525 meters long and one of the most recognised things about the country. 

Brighton Pier Image courtesy of Unsplash

Fresh off the Pier, you can go to the lanes, which are filled and paced with great independent shops, old-fashioned British pubs and restaurants so you can get some lovely food after a long day. This is one of the biggest draws in the city and attracts tourists and all the locals weekly. For the people who love fashion like I do, you can go to some of the second-hand shops or “Charity Shops” as the locals call it. My day was filled with a lovely pier walk, going to get some “chips” while on our walk and trying not to get attacked by the seagulls. Then we went for a lovely walk around the shops and got some second-hand clothes, then finished the day with some drinks in the bar. 

Trip To Manchester

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Now onto my favourite part of the trip. I loved Manchester and had such a good time in this very busy city. Again like Brighton, we did a lot of shopping and talked to the locals about what to do. Unlike Brighton, we had a night out and went for a lot of drinks with the Mancunian people and they were so much fun, we went to Picaddily and spoke to some locals and they gave us some good pubs to go to. As soon as people heard that I wasn’t from Manchester I was getting free drinks and shots and got a great welcome to the city.

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After a long time in the pub, I was taken under the wing of a group that wanted to go to the casino. On the walk to the casino one of the guys we walked with showed us various slot sites in the UK that we didn’t get here and had a great night staying out and playing games. In the morning we woke up and felt worse for wear, luckily our hotel was in a place called Ancoats and we went for some pizza at a place called Rudy’s which was delicious. 

Trip To London

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Picking the best things to do in London is really difficult because it is the place in England that everyone knows. Finding something to do is easy and you don’t need me to give an in-depth guide. However, my day was very touristy, Brighton and Manchester do not have the attractions that London has to offer so my London trip was less about the culture and more about seeing what I needed to see.

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I spent the morning walking around the Natural History Museum and looking at all the real treasures that they have on display. I saw Big Ben and got that picture that every tourist gets where you grab the top of the tower and then I went to see the London Eye. London was my least favorite day of the trip because I wanted to see the necessary things and I was less a part of the culture which is on me and not London’s fault.

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